International Trade
Business both large and small are increasingly confronting the need to cross national borders to compete in the world economy. GloboLex can help solve the many problems business encounter in their international trade efforts.

GloboLex’s International Business Transaction’s Department includes corporate, Intellectual Property and Immigration (consultants/ attorneys).

In addition to effectively resolve our clients’ problems, we maintain excellent relationship with a variety of business professionals, including accounting firms, banks, investment bankers, and law firms in the USA and around the world.

International Sales
GloboLex prepare and review foreign distributor and sales agent agreements, international sales contract and other export and import documentation, and provide counseling on export licensing requirements and foreign antitrust and competition laws, dispute resolution and choice of law contract provisions, international banking and finance (including payment procedures) foreign customs and import laws, export trading companies, foreign sales corporation and government assistance programs.

Customs & Import Regulations
We provide counsel and assistance on import classification and valuation issues, the Generalized System of Preferences Caribbean Basin Initiative and other special tariff opportunities such as Foreign Trade Zones, the U.S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement and the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Licensing & Intellectual Property Protection
We prepare and review licensing and other technology transfer agreements; provide advice and assistance in obtaining intellectual property rights worldwide, and in obtaining statutory or other U.S. protection for foreign intellectual property; provide advice on U.S. and foreign technology transfer regulations and restrictions; and assist on the import and export of goods involving intellectual property rights.

Immigration Matters
We provide assistance on Non-Immigrant and Immigrant Visa requirements for foreign business personnel, and refer clients, when appropriate, to allied professionals for preparation and handling of Visa applications to the U.S. Immigration Service.

International Tax Planning
We analyze organizational alternatives (such as branches, subsidiaries, joint ventures and distributorships); compare foreign and domestic taxes under alternative structures and forms of doing business; establish foreign sales corporations; review transfer pricing, controlled foreign corporations and foreign currency transaction issues; and refer clients, when appropriate, to allied professionals regarding tax planning for U.S. residents and nonresident aliens; advise on the use of foreign asset protection trusts and corporations.


Our Intellectual Property Section provides assistance in protecting all types of Intellectual Property Rights, including Patent research and clearance, Trademark, Service mark, Trade name, Trade Secret and Copyright matters.

We prepare and negotiate licenses and other contracts covering Intellectual Property.


Business Consulting
Business Formations & Developments
Corporate Structures: Corporations, LLCs,
Partnerships in all 50 US States & Foreign Countries.
Branches and Wholly –Owned Subsidiaries
Joint Ventures & Franchises
Review, Negotiation & Contract Drafting.